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the Bikerclub Alien Intruder

Sticking together, camaraderie, and peaceful fun , that's the club's philosophy.

First with us is biking together and working on our cycles. Also the maintaining of relationships to different clubs in the szene, be it MC, MF or BC is part of it.

We gladly accept party-invitations, if it's at all doable. Even longer distances don't scare us off, and so the "Pula Bikerdays" in Croatia were the seasonal highpoint of 2001.

To this we'd gladly like to invite all chopper- and cruiser-fans.
Women are also welcome and can become members, if they ride themselves. If on top of that they work on their own bikes too, all the better.

The "intruder" in our name has got, as often assumed, nothing to do with the wellknown bike from Suzuki. Even if most of our members do drive a VS 1400 intruder, their are other bikes among us too. But to join it has to be a motorcycle with at least 600 ccm.