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the history of BC Alien Intruder


The biker club „Alien Intruder Forever“ celebrated it's founding in the year 2000.
The name was supposed to point to the beginning of a new millennium, and so the following combination resulted


The club was founded by Dusan „Dule“ Bela in Radenci/Slovenia.

„Yogi“ , our former president is often in Slovenia and a close friend of Dule. So first he became vice-president in Slovenia and from there he brought the clubs philosophy to Germany.

From the 29.09. to the 30.09.2000 the Slovenians were hosts of their first biker meet in Murska Sobota.
To this meet there came a lot of german bikers and our current members also met there.
Liking the clubs principals, they first joined the biker club in Slovenia.

In march 2001 Yogi took the job of president here in Germany. He gave up his vice-presidency in Slovenia after some structural changes over there.

And that way the current club


became independent.

Since October 2002 Sajin has now been President.